• Why should I add my site here?
    This directory runs in a custom category structure. This means better exposure of your site to Internet
  • What is a SEO friendly directory?
    A directory where the listings can be crawled and indexed by search engines is SEO friendly. Generaly most website directories are SEO friendly, while yellow pages sites are not. This directory at SEO friendly.
  • Can I submit my site for free?
    Ofcourse all you have to do is provide the link we will prompt you on your site
  • What will I get when I pay to submit my site?
    In most web directories all you get is get listed. Here some of the web sites after you will be promted with your link. Thus they will put your link on their site
  • What kind of sites are accepted in the directory?
    Non-MFA sites with quality content are just fine. Examples: personal sites, shopping related, forums, art, science, etc.
  • What should I write in the description?
    Write a short review about your site. Avoid to copy&paste content directly from your site and avoid using the same description which you have used on other directories.
  • What if I can't find a category for my submission?
    If you can't find a suitable category where to include your site, contact us and suggest your category.
  • How much until you approve my submission?
    Generally they are approved within first 24 hours. If 3 days passed and you cannot locate your site in the directory, contact us.
  • Do you offer discounts for bulk submissions?
    Depends on the number of sites you want to submit and on the quality of your sites, contact us for more details.
  • Will submitting to directory improve my search engine results?
    The most important factor for search engines is the quality of your content. Then comes the backlinks - sites which are linking to you. Once you are approved in the directory, you gain a backlink.
  • Will submitting to directories increase my Google Pagerank?
    Yes, every legitimate link pointing to your site counts.